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Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder v6.1.1 Feature App

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder v6.1.1 Feature App

Please note that, this game is so hard to install if you do not play on Nox. So if you are not good at root and use Lucky patcher, do not try to install it. We cannot explain to 1 by 1.

Note: Try to use SAI to install this game.

On other devices, you have to have Root device. Install Lucky Patcher to bypass check signature. Install original version. Log in with google, wait until downloading resource completely. For safety, you can use Titanium Backup to backup your data. Then, install "No signature App" by overwriting it to old game. Launch game and have fun.


Lead your Kingdom to victory with RTS war strategy and by becoming the most powerful King or Queen in the RPG action world of ROYAL REVOLT 2.

The key to success is your offensive battle skills and RTS conquest strategy. Adjust them to your RTS war strategy tactics and troops regularly! Create an epic tower defense which resists the toughest clash with ease. Choose your armies, tower defense RTS strategy and obstacles wisely for your Kingdom depends on them

Raid your foes Kingdoms and destroy their castle defense through RTS, as they try to withstand your powerful army of Archers, Paladins or even Werewolves and Dragons. Partnered with a loyal Pet Pal and a Royal Guardian you are ready for any epic quest and enemy tower defenses that lie ahead of you!

Have you always wanted to trace down the Vampire origins and raid a kingdom? You can with our diverse RPG game mechanics! Quest for epic loot and collect legendary items for your inventory and use them to improve your King or Queen’s power! While you’re at it, you can choose countless customization options and change the appearance of your epic Hero. You can collect epic helmets and legendary armor. Of course, you can’t plan your war strategy without a mythical weapon. How about a giant tasty carrot game? No? You can also play longer and find more powerful items like sword or daggers...look out for Legendary, Uber or even Pro rarity!

The Blacksmith will help you to create even better items in a true RPG game style! Once unlocked, you can forge and improve them by adding perks, such as XP and damage boosts! With the blacksmith‘s help, melt down items you don’t need and collect Pearls. Later on, this RPG game friendly blacksmith can apply magical Runes to your offense and defense. They will unlock game-changing skills and mechanics.

As you can see, Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & War Strategy offers lots of depth and RTS strategic options.


⚔ Tower Defense MMORPG ⚔
Build a strong tower castle defense that can withstand any attack. Choose your RTS defense army, obstacles and tower defense strategy you want to build your path with. Level up your Kingdom, lay out a path and your tower defense. Determine the best items and spells for your King to match your individual play-style. Place mighty paladins and epic beasts to defend your castle.

⚔ Forge Alliances – Build RTS War Strategy ⚔
Play together with your friends or join players from around the globe to create a powerful Alliance that can battle in the arena for epic boosts and treasures. Donate Pals to your Alliance and unlock powerful mythical beasts for your Castle defense. Sharing is caring!

⚔ Regular War Events ⚔
Fight in Alliance Wars, Conquests, and Ninja Events to see who really has the best tactics and to receive great rewards such as chests and boosts. Celebrate seasons in Festivals! Also, additional timed events that offer special advantages for your Kingdom like collector and boost events!

⚔ Discover your Castle Town ⚔
Forge your weapons at the Blacksmith. Visit the Granny for a chat (and epic loot). Discover the mystical Dungeon beneath your Castle defense and unlock powerful armies! Get ready for RTS dungeon conquest!

⚔ And much more ⚔
Are you ready to lead your mighty Kingdom to victory? The RPG action world of Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & War Strategy awaits you!

What's New

RR2 Version 6.1.0 is here, delivering some neat improvements you don't wanna miss:
- Improved Endless Season Rewards Area: better and more rewards the further you progress
- Special Name Font Color and Profile Wallpaper for a Season' Top 3 Players
- Brand-new "Collect all Rewards" button for your Season Rewards
- Lots of bug fixes and polishing
Download now and get ready for our next Season starting on June 4th! 🐲


Root requirement: No

Internet connection requirement: Yes

Mod Features:

God Mod
No enemy troops
No enemy Pet Monster
Hack Speed
Disable Anti cheat.

Feature for Mod Menu:

God Mod
No enemy troops
No enemy Pet Monster
Hack Speed
Hack Troops: This function will make all unit to very strong, very fast speed and more. It will give you more experience and help your team attack the enemy easier.
Troops is Imortal
Castle gate is Imortal
Hack Tent Level
Hack Speed Pet
Invisible Tent
Tower is not Imortal 
Hack Spell
Hack No Distance

Disable Anti Cheat

How to install game:

Download the desired APK file and tap on it to install it on your device. Please make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!

Preview in this mod:

With this Feature app, you can play this game and win everyone. It's really a funny game for your kids.

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Video Preview:

Official Source:

Download from Google Play Store.

How to download & install Feature App from us:

  1. Uninstall original post from google playstore
  2. Download & install mod apk
  3. Download & extract obb file
  4. Copy extracted folder and paste to "/Android/obb"
  5. Launch game
If you still not know how to do, check this tutorial.

Do not know how to Download and Deal with Hidden link? Read This Tutorial for more details

Missing the Mod menu icon? Read this Tutorial for more details

Do not know how to Sync account From mod version? Read this Tutorial for more details

Do not know how to install ".zip" file? Read this Tutorial for more details

The application is crashing continuously or mod menu icon suddenly disappear? Read this Tutorial for more details

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