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Heroes Strike - Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes v96 Vip Feature App

Heroes Strike - Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes v96 Vip Feature App

Note: Please use SAI to install this game.

When you use cheat cooldown, that is fake date. So do not play with your friend. It will only effect on you. So, it mean you will play with AI. You can win, but the other one maybe loose.
One more things, unlock heroes is also fake data. So you play with the heroes which you does not own. You will not be counted in Ranked to unlock the box (cups).

So use unlock heroes and do not use cooldown, you can play with friend. But you will not receive the cup.

If you want to climb up the rank, just use the heroes which you owned.


Free to play with true Esport spirit, you’ve found it!
Modern and Trending game modes
- 3v3 Modern MOBA
- Battle Royale 12 players
- Game of King with 8 Players
- And many modes with monthly update

A unique PvP combat style made with a perfect balance between fun and depth:
- Equip your hero with 2 skills of choice beside main hero ability – a great blend of strategy and action
- 4-minute short match – ultra ideal for on-the-go gaming
- Huge collection of heroes, each with signature attack and ability (fury)
- Multiple choices of skills in many types: attack, defense, stun, support…

Designed for freebies!
- Solid heroes in each class plus 5 different skills to begin with
- Generous reward, easy progression
- All items made accessible for free

As a PvP game player, you will love this game to bits and pieces!
- A fair which is “all-about-skill” mid-core game, yet simple rules and easy to learn
- Simple control for a smooth gaming experience
- Balanced characters and skills
- New content comes out frequently (new heroes, skins, skills, arenas, modes…)
- Lag-free: we have servers around the world!
- Fun events available all times, also great chances to earn decent items
- Guild with deep design: 7 roles, guild quests and rewards, Guild war…Because game is much more fun to play with friends!

Battle is calling your name!
Prepare your tactics, fight side by side with friends and climb up the League!


Root requirement: No

Internet connection requirement: Yes

Mod Features:

Cheat Zero Cool Down
Cheat Select Heroes
Cheat Skin
Cheat Select Skill 1
Cheat Select Skill 2
Disable Anti Cheat

How to install game:

Download the desired APK file and tap on it to install it on your device. Please make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!

Preview in this mod:

With this Feature app, you can play this game with all skill & all heroes. Easy to get win in Arena. It's really a funny game for your kids.

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Download from Google Play Store.

How to download & install Feature App from us:

  1. Uninstall original post from google playstore
  2. Download & install mod apk
  3. Download & extract obb file
  4. Copy extracted folder and paste to "/Android/obb"
  5. Launch game
If you still not know how to do, check this tutorial.

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