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You are surfing on Facebook and other social network applications and see many photos and gameplay of ‘Adorable Home’ and wanna try this game?

You are the beginner and didn’t know anything about it and what to do with it and where to start? Let us help you to understand more about this game and why it so addicting these days.


A wonderful game which let you to build your adorable dream house with your lovely soulmate. A dream house with living by full of your pet’s love. More of your love, more of your life.
A game which can help you to make your own dream house life and control it. It also help you to prepare for a real couple life with many experiences for your future. Not just that, you can have lots of lovely pets and take care of them in many ways you can and have a really relaxing and enjoyable asmostphere.


This game is very easy to play, just choose you and your partner’s character and Start the game!

The begin of the game is the situation which you and your partner is moving to a peaceful place in a suburb. You guys having a little cute cat: Snow. This guy is the most loveliest part of the game.
First, clean up your new house. Clean up and arrange your moving luggages. When you done, let’s buy some furnitures and decorations to make your house turn to the best house ever.

For living room, we have coach, TV and table. But can you live in a dream house just with 3 of these things?

Sure the answer is NO. Right? So this is how you can earn for your life. Hey, you and your partner should working. But that’s not enough, just working not help you to build upgrade and decorate your house. Why? Because your life is make by love, not just by normal money like other games.

Keep preparing food for two of you and feeding your little kittens to earn love. This is what your life for. This is the special of Adorable home. Life is growing from adorable couple life and pets.

Use the love you earn to buy more furnitures, decorations, and don’t forget the most important thing: CATS or other PETS.

Take care of these guys and capture all the lovely moments of them with your camera and save it to your memory album.
Hey!…, Sound cool now huh.  

Enjoy the game now huh, the secret here is you not just have the living room, you keep playing and you can unlock all the other areas: bedroom, garden, bathroom,…You can earn love from the woodland creatures.

Let’s gather some love, make the cutest life ever and keep up your decorations for your peaceful dream house.



Just Imagination this house is your own life with your lover. What do you dream for your future house?

Multiple of rooms, garden, full of modern furnitures, full of sweet colorful decorations and Full of kind of pets which you can design and buy everything you want for your own living.


Imagining the moments you and your man/your sweet girl playing games, watching TV, taking care of the pets, go fishing,... together in your own house. And two of you as shown with shadow do everything together with lots of happiness. The time when you take care of your lovely pets with your partner and smile together, when you guys playing with each other before go to bed. Is that the most meaningful moments of love?


If you are a person who really love pets: cats, dogs,… You can’t miss this game! Lovely pets with a truly emotions and faces like pets you see in real life. If you look closer and more careful, you can see when you take care of them, their face and act change really real. You can look at their cute faces for all day long without getting bored. Don’t forget to click on the camera to have full of pretty photos from them. Look at their face really help you feel very satisfied and happy.


Love and heart is the most important thing in your life and your dreamhouse

Like you know, Earning lots of love and heart is the most consider thing of Adorable Home gamer. It help you to get all the things you need to have the most desirable. Here is the column show what you need to turn your normal house to the castle:


Such as
Unlock Rooms & Areas

Living room, garden, bedroom, playground, bathroom…
Most Valuable Furnitures

Modern and expensive bed, TV, table, carbinet,…
Beautiful Decorations

Beautiful design Fountain, Statue, Swing,…
Lovely pets

Cats, dogs  with many colors and types, many kind of feeding bowl,…

So you see if you want to have a full facilities life which look like a dream castle with best decorations, best furnitures, best couple moments and best pets, you need many love and hearts that almost never enough. But you really want to have the most worth living life and you don’t want to be disappointed because you can’t buy your dream stuff enough?

Don’t worry, We can help you. How can you have all of them? Just visit Only4free.net, where you can have the best mod FOR FREE with have a really strange function called: “More lost more gain”. Whenever you buy anything, your heart instead of decrease, it will increase more and more and never stop.

Hope you guys love our review and visit our site to have the best gameplay ever and let us know what your house look like after using our mod. I’m sure you guys will not only have a house, but you guys also have a colorful castle with relaxing and funniest moments with this game.

Thanks and regards,
From: Only4free.net

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