How to create 64 bit Android emulator? Which is the best, Up to now?

How to create 64 bit Android emulator? Which is the best, Up to now?

Up to now, lot of question about creating 64 bit android emulator. Which is the best emulator for now? Which emulator support 64 bit arm64-v8a?

With its latest update in Jan. 2020, MEmu now supports 64-bit Android emulator. You can download it from MEmu’s official page. Actually, the 64-bit version is always a choice in MEmu’s multiple instance manager since MEmu version 7.1.1.

Why a 64-bit Android emulator?<

According to Arm, 64-bit OS is the future of mobile just like PC. 64-bit devices are generally faster and more responsive (though to a degree, that’s also reliant on well-written code). For developers, eventually developing their apps on purely 64-bit Android devices will bring significant benefits, including reduced complexity, lower development and testing costs, an improved time-to-market, and a stronger, healthier and more robust ecosystem.

By supporting 64-bit Android emulator, MEmu now is available to play games that are coded with only 64-bit architecture like x86-64 and arm64-v8a. One of the most famous games that require 64-bit android is Lineage 2m by NCsoft. You can now play Lineage 2m on PC with MEmu 64-bit Android emulator.

How to install MEmu 64-bit Android emulator?

  1. Install MEmu emulator (normal version)
  2. Open Multi-MEmu(Multiple instance manager)

  3. Click ‘New” and Choose Android 7.1 (64bit)

Note: Only PCs with 64-bit CPU can run the 64-bit emulator

How to use MEmu 64-bit Android emulator?

After creating it, press the start button in Multi-MEmu, or you can create a shortcut by clicking the button next to its name.

Once it starts, the rest of the work is exactly the same was as the way you use the default MEmu. Which is log in your Google account and then install the game/app.

Although there are still some compatibility issues, no doubt MEmu’s 64-bit android emulator is a great hit! We believe that all games can be played on MEmu in the future XD.

Hope this information is the answer for you. If you need a 64 bit android emulator, let's try it.
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