How to download & install game on

How to download & install game on

From our Homepage, you can search any game which you need. If you can find that game, click to view that article.

In the article, you can see many useful information which we put in the table. Scroll down the website, you will see the Preview video, like below:

Find the Preview Video

This is important video. Please watch it to know how to use our mod. And this video is the key to unlock download link for you.

Scrolling down and you will see the download link. We have 2 type of download link: Mediafire and Rapidgator. We use Rapidgator to upload the backup files.

To download with mediafire, you check the Download table and you will see like this image below:

Download link with Mediafire
Now, you have to play the preview video above for requirement time before the button "show/hide" enable.

When you play enough the requirement, you see like this image below:

Finish the requirement, and link is ready

Now the only thing you need is clicking to "show/hide" button. It will show you the download link. Please check the version of our mod before downloading. To make sure it is up to date.

Link is Ready
And if you need to download with backup link, you can download with Rapidgator. We keep storage also the old versions. By scrolling down, you will see the "Back Up Link". Click to "Show/Hide" button, you will see the download link.

Download with Backup link
Now, find the version which you need to download and download it with Rapidgator.

If you still have another question, please try with our FAQ. Hope this article will help you.

Here is the instruction video "How to download game on only4free". Please watch it if you need help.

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