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Facebook says no to ICO ads but allows promotion of phishing websites.

Facebook says no to ICO ads but allows promotion of phishing websites.

This morning I thought that I traveled back in time after checking the crypto market and seeing the ads served by Facebook. I was honestly thinking that refurbished laptops and various scams that could be found on Facebook were a thing of the past. To keep this as short as possible let's get to the point.

This morning I got an ad saying that Payoneer support is just around the corner and if I have anything to ask I should just follow the link from the ad. Here it is.

For those who aren't aware, Payoneer is mostly used by freelancers. It is a banking service that handles most of my online earnings and I can use their card on any ATM in the world. Pretty sweet and very secure (as far as I am concerned). I was curious to see what this page has to offer and to make sure that Facebook MANUALLY approved a phishing scam. Indeed I was right.

The websites asked for my login info instantly while that isn't the case on the original Payoneer support page. Phishing scam indeed? Let's take a closer look. People who work at Facebook on ad approvals, take notes, it's not that hard I promise.

https://whois.icann.org is all you need. Put the url in the search bar and take a look at who registered this badly worded domain.

Name: Domain Administrator
Organization: See PrivacyGuardian.org
Mailing Address: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104, Phoenix AZ 85016 US
Phone: +1.3478717726
Fax Ext:

Do you see anything strange here Mr. ad approval man? You are correct, all of it is strange. Now for the tricky part. You will have to use Google and search this address and see what comes up. The thing with these phishing pricks is that they are lazy and reuse their fake info more often than you think. As it turns out, this same person registered an Ant Miner shop back in 2017 with the same info. Needles to say, it was also a scam as reported on Bitcoin talk. Was that enough info to make you realize that this is a phishing scam that your users might fall for and lose their hard earned money?

While I was writing this I noticed that you are serving me the same ad in the Messinger app as well.

To make things worse this ad doesn't even tell me what domain I will be redirected to...

This is not a joke. People will fall for this and I am sure Facebook won't be the one to blame. Banning ICO promotions to jump on a bandwagon was obviously just that. The truth is that you people don't care about user security as you won't give them back their money once this lowlife scammer takes it from them via ads that you served to that same user.

Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@proofmaster/facebook-says-no-to-ico-ads-but-allows-promotion-of-phishing-websites

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