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BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (15-Mar-2018)

BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (15-Mar-2018)

If you read my previous technical analysis article, you will see that Bitcoin has fallen correct with my forecast. As mentioned in the article "BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (07-Mar-2018)", Bitcoin formed head and shoulders pattern. It just be delayed a few days.

1-day chart:

1-day chart of  BTC/USDT

Based on the day chart, you can see very clearly that Bitcoin is following the head and shoulders pattern. Shark is very good to break analysis and then everything come back exactly as the analysis. And finally the trader was still just a joke in their eyes.

Currently, Bitcoin is in the 7883 USDT area. And this is Bitcoin's last support area. The possibility of today and tomorrow will be the storm eye and Bitcoin will fall sharply. Panic sell will officially happen today when Bitcoin falls below this price.

The possibility of a strong flash dump by panic sell and Bitcoin will fall to 6556 - 6938 USDT and if panic sell strong enough will fall very strong to 5979 USDT.

3-day chart:

3-day chart of  BTC/USDT
Based on the 3-day chart, people can see in January the CasPo Hurricane forecast with a 3-day chart and a double top pattern. This March is also a double Top pattern. And Bitcoin will drop to 6941 USDT. If Panic sell strong ability to fall to 4705 - 5630 USDT. And this ultra low price will be panic sell and flash dump. Lasted for a very short time.

Coins such as ETC, BTC, BCH ... will follow the chart after 26-03 days to recover. Same for other altcoins.

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