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BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (07-Mar-2018)

BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (07-Mar-2018)

1-day chart: 

Based on the day chart, you can see, everything are still on the right track as CasPo predicts in the article:

Keeping in the right direction is predictive of storms, only delayed for a few days. Currently, the most noticeable is that Bitcoin is forming the Double Top pattern same as my article. The other is at a slightly higher peak of nearly $ 12,000 as some previous days. However, I find it not as simple as expected. Maybe it's forming the Head and Shoulders pattern as in the chart I just updated above.

BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (07-Mar-2018) from r/Bitcoin

Signs show: 

1. MACD is heading for a bearish signal.
2. Stoch gave a strong sell signal a few days ago.

Bollinger Bands tighten tight since 2 days ago and CasPo just wait for the official signal to continue to update the situation for you. Because if post continuously but just analyze the right one is talking back and forth is meaningless.

The ability to fool investors, as there are now many groups predicted Bitcoin to 20,000 USD and They're still trying to hope it. The market will continue to lure FOMO traders to follow and then a large panic sell will occur.

Possibility of Bitcoin will decrease to 9450 - 9702 USDT today and tomorrow . Then rebounded slightly to 10267 USDT and then a sharp drop to 5544-5979 USD. And the storm eye will be in 15-03-2018, 3 days longer than expected. Please always be careful.

However, if Panic Sell is strong enough to break the support range of 9450 - 9702 USD, then Bitcoin will officially decline as originally expected and the storm eye will be in 12-03-2018.

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