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Potential coin for holder: Steem / Btc (22-12-2017)

Potential coin for holder: Steem / Btc (22-12-2017)

This potential has been analyzed by CasPo and the member in my private group have bought from the bottom.

1-Month chart

1-month chart of Steem/BTC

According to 1-month chart, Steem has been forming the Double Bottom Pattern. And now is the chance for Steem to recover.

1-Week chart:

1-week chart of Steem/BTC

The chart is similar to the chart for the month. You can also see the Double Bottom Pattern from this chart. The MACD is heading up and Bolinger Bands are knocking. Prepare for a very strong price increase.

H4 Chart:

H4 Chart of Steem/BTC

MACD can only cut up. Stoch prepared to cut up. BB knotted. The current price is already the area to buy.

Buy zones:     0.00017785 - 0.00018311 và 0.00019039
Sell zones:      0.00084255 - 0.00251432 - 0.00361524 và 0.00532778

Time for holding: At leats 3 months.

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