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BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (12-02-2018)

BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (12-02-2018)

1-day chart:

1-day chart of BTC/USDT

Based on a 1-day chart, Bitcoin is currently trading at a sensitive price. Very sensitive, because the price 8785 USDT is the strong resistance. Today's probability that BTC will test this area many times before officially breaking the down trend. The possibility is that from today Bitcoin will increase strongly to break out of this price range, or it will delay to February 13, 2018, then officially increased to 10845-1,1140 USDT same as analyzed in this article below:

Everything happened exactly as it was analyzed on Feb 9, 2018. Wish you have a short hunting season to pick up a lot of profit.

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