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BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (09-02-2018)

BTC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis  (09-02-2018)

In recent days, CasPo wrote an article about Bitcoin Storm. And What must be , must be. The market panic, lot of groups have technical analysic for Bitcoin and they tell that Bitcoin can only drop down to 8000 USDT, cannot lower. Then, panic sell was happened when the price of bitcoin is lower 8000 USDT. You can read this article to understand why Bitcoin must die.

Today's market was bullish. Due to busy family, i cannot update information for everone. However, the CasPo Private Group is still active and still has support from CasPo. Today, i post this article to give people an overview of the market.

1-day chart: 

1 day chart of BTC/USDT

Based on 1-day chart, we can see that BTC on February 6, 2018 tried to test the support (6556 - 6938 USDT). Carefully, this support area is extended from mid-July 2017. This storm was closely associated with the BTC storm in mid-July 2017. And so how serious is it that you have noticed. In recent days, there has been bad news regarding the ban on Bitcoin, and the bad news for the USDT try to make the market Crack-Down. But there is a good signal that the market is recovering. Important signs of the chart:

1. Bolinger Bands are knotted. Signal of a strong upward or downward wave.

2. MACD can only move upwards. Signal increased for BTC.

3. Stoch also showed buy signal as it was going up.

Based on the 1-day chart, BTC will continue to increase until 23-02-2018 and the peak price of BTC will be 10845 - 11140 USDT.

1-week chart:

1-week chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the weekly chart, it is likely that BTC is trying to shape the Long Doj candlestick. Only two more days to finish the candle. The movement of market will be seen at the end of this week. And the ability to rely on this signal shows that Bitcoin is likely to rebound in the 10278 - 11097 USDT range in the near future. Bitcoin will still have to drop sharply as the bear market has not finished yet.

1-month Chart:

1-month chart of Btc/usdt

Based on the monthly chart, people can see that things are going as well as CasPo has drawn since the beginning of January. However, in February, there will be a slight recovery for Bitcoin and then the bitcoin will continue to fall back strongly. Based on the 1-month chart, Bitcoin is likely to rebound to 11512-11905 USDT. Then will continue to fall sharply.

All we can do now is wait for the news to come out.

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