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BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (28-Feb-2018)

BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (28-Feb-2018)

As mentioned in the analysis: BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT and ETC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (Feb-20 2018). BTC has been moving along the route and has not escaped its downward trend. Today, although the price of BTC has increased slightly, but the danger signs are visible and people will be vulnerable to FOMO and buying altcoins 

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BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (28-Feb-2018) from r/crypto_currency


1-month Chart:

1-month chart of BTC/USDT

You can see that BTC in February has recovered as well as what CasPo analyzed. Increased to hit 11512 - 11905 USDT and then began to fall back. There are 2 possibilities with monthly chart:

1. Decrease and stop at 10146 USD, then it form bullish reversal pattern. But this is a very big trap of the market. If you view the 3-month chart, you will understand what CasPo said or you can read my old technical analysis for more details.

2. The sharp fall in today's 8630 and in March continued to plummet to $ 5000-6000 again.

1-week chart:

1-week chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the weekly charts, you can see that Bitcoin is not strong enough to break the strong resistance zone at(11097 - 11755) USDT. And it is still in the downward trend. According to the 1-week chart, it is likely that in the next one to two weeks, Bitcoin will decline sharply to 5827 USD. Be careful.

Signs on the chart:

1. MACD is bullish and crossed over.

2. Bolinger Bands show signs of knotting.

3. Stoch has a strong buying signal.

However, these are signs of deceit and will continue until April and the indicator for April, BTC will start to recover.

1-day chart:

1-day chart of BTC/USDT

According to the daily chart, Bitcoin is currently in a very sensitive price zone. And it is not enough force to break out of its downward trend. On the other hand, it is forming the Double Top Pattern to predict the signal coming down.

Signs to note:

1. Bollinger Bands begin to show the signs of knotting.

2. MACD is likely to break down.

3. Stoch show the sell signal.

Combined with 1-month chart, it is possible today, Bitcoin will have a drop or sell off at any time. And in the first two weeks of March, it will be be a terrible week of Bitcoin.

By 1-day chart, bitcoin will likely drop sharply to 6556 - 6938 USDT and if drastically reduced, the flash dump will be affected by the Panic effect, and bitcoin will reach the price (5544 - 5979) USDT in March. Maybe March.12, 2018 will be the storm Eye.


1-day chart: 

1-day chart of BCH/USDT

Based on the chart one day we can see signs of imminent:

1. Bollinger Bands are prepared with a knot.

2. The MACD regularly shifts up and down. Market signals are still waiting for the opportunity.

3. Stoch current sell signal. But selling force is not strong.

In short, all signs are a trap for investors to fear and sell. Currently, the possibility of Bitcoin Cash sideways in the range (1180 - 1233 USDT) extends to March.03 officially break its downward trend.


1-day chart:

1-day chart of BTG/USDT

The 1-day chart of the BTG also gives the same sign as the BCH. And BTG will be sideways in the range of 108 - 117 USDT and extend to March.03 same as Bitcoin Cash.

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