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BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT and ETC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (Feb-20 2018)

BTC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTG/USDT and ETC/USDT Bittrex Technical Analysis (Feb-20 2018)


1-day chart:

1-day chart of BTC/USDT

Bitcoin is still moving accuracy with CasPo's previous analysis. Today and tomorrow is the sensitive area of Bitcoin. Currently Bitcoin is testing the very strong resistance zone 11619 - 12042 USDT. And according to 3-month chart, Bitcoin still has to die. So be careful everyone.

Read more about CasPo's previous analysis for more details:

3-day chart: 

Based on the 3-day chart, you can see that Bitcoin is moving slowly and exactly according to my analysis article. And the current candle is touching the very strong resistance zone of 11864 USD. In addition, the MACD is showing signs of cutting up, Bolinger bands will also soon knotted and signaled strong fluctuations. Possibility today or tomorrow, MACD will cut up and quickly plummeted back down. This is the trap of the market.

1-week chart:

Bitcoin is currently experiencing strong resistance and excitement due to FOMO, Bitcoin will fly to $ 11755 - 12195 USDT and will plunge back to 6000 USDT in March.


1-day chart:

Based on 1-day chart you can recognize the candle today are showing signs of cheating investors. When it is formed outside of the previously mentioned resistance zone so investors think that has escaped the bearish trend. However, the red candle on February 18 helped form a new resistance line at 1594 - 1642 USDT. This is the resistance which I mentioned in the previous article.

3-day chart:

Based on the 3-day chart, we can see that the current candle is trying to test the resistance at 1635 USDT. And very high possibility will form a reversal pattern here. Important signs to note:

1. Bolinger Bands have begun to knot.
2. Stoch prepared for sell signal
3. MACD is about to break up, but this is a tricky signal to give hope to FOMO investors.

And we can see that the BCC will fall back to 1247 - 1368 USDT from 24-02-2018 -> 27-02-2018.


1-day chart:

The signals in the 1 day chart are not clear. However, BTG's ability will fluctuate between 129 - 140 USDT and extend to 26-02-2018.

1-week chart:

Based on the 1-week chart we can see BTG has reached its bottom polar region in the week beginning on February 5, 2018. BTG is just waiting for a strong uptrend. BTG can only see in weekly and monthly charts to see its potential.

1-month chart:

Currently, BTG is at the bottom and is likely to end at 144-198 USD at the end of this February candle. And the ability to fly back to the BTC in March.


3-day chart:

Based on the 3-day chart, you can see that ETC is attempting to create a Shoulder - head and shoulder pattern. And the current candle will resemble the candle on January 13, 2018. Possibility of ETC will continue to fall back to 28.1 - 29 USDT again on 27-02-2018.

Regarding the potential of ETC, you can re-read my article:

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