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BTC Market Analysis from January to June 2018 (Super Bitcoin storm forecast)

BTC Market Analysis from January to June 2018 (Super Bitcoin storm forecast)

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1 month Chart:

1-month chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the chart, it's easy to notice that in recent 3 consecutive months Bitcoin has made a strong breakthrough, continuously surpassing the Bollinger Bands. The current month, BTC has been falling sharply and started its continuous decline for months to return to its real value.

With the 1 motn chart, we can see that Bitcoin continues to fall to 5669 -> 6451 USDT. Possibility to touch this price range in March 2018. Based on current momentum, Bitcoin may rise up to 16203 - 17114 USDT in February 2018. Then, it will continue to fall sharply on the price range that I mentioned above.

If the amplitude of the correction is strong, the probability of BTC going to reach 4680 -> 4861 USDT area in 05/2018.

3-month Chart:

3-month Chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the 3-month chart, a bad omen is likely to occur for the BTC over a period of 3 to 6 months. There will be a coup for this time and the child of Bitcoin will replace its daddy.

BTC has peaked and is showing signs of sharp decline. The possibility is that BTC will continue to decrease continuously in the coming months. Therefore, the possibility that the Altcoin/BTC will return to the old peak because the BTC price will decrease continuously for many months. It is forecasted that BTC will reduce deeply, very deeply in the region 5090 - 6074 USDT in the next months.

The amount of mined Bitcoin has reached the peak limit. Capital continues to flow into the Cryptor market, and will need another place to focus.

Maybe the market will focus on BTG and BCH (Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash). "Roger ver" tweeted an very important tweet "Bitcoin is BCH". That means Bitcoin Cash will become Bitcoin. Bitcoin has hit the price too high. It needs to be adjusted. Bitcoin will continue to increase sharply by mid-2018.

Besides, there are many exchanges that accept the Bcash as basic units (same as ETH, XMR, BTC, and USDT). Maybe in the future will have trade accept BTG and bitman will support BTG??? Everything is just conjecture, but in the immediate future one can see a huge potential danger weighing heavily on Bitcoin.

This is just a very far-sighted forecast. And the ability to invest in Bcash (BCH or Bitcoin Cash) and BTG (Bitcoin Gold) is the best option for now. Maybe not need up to 6 months. Possibility in the medium term 3-month, BCH will equal BTC (1 BTC = 1 BCH = 6000 USDT) and then the order will be re-established.

For a more general look, CasPo takes data from BITFINEX

3-month Chart on Bitfinex: 

3-month Chart of BTC/USD on Bitfinex

Actually BTC has flown out of Bollinger Bands. And 3-month candles will happen very very slowly. It's slow enough for people not to realize its erosion. The probability of BTC going down sharply is 4336 - 4872 USD. And if this really happens, it will last until July, BTC has the ability to recover again.

This is a super-hurricane forecast and should be monitored. Because we are easily caught up in market storms.

The analysis was made by using TradingView

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