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BTC Market Analysis (28-01-2018)

BTC Market Analysis (28-01-2018)

1-day chart: 

1-day chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the 1-day chart we can see, many holders are discouraged when the Bitcoin rises and falls, then rise slightly. BTC moved sideway in range 10866 - 11620 USDT and many groups have forecasted BTC will drop to 8000 USDT in previous week.

In fact, BTC has formed a very clear Three-Bottom pattern. Currently with signs to note:

1. Bollinger Bands are knotted, signaling a hike in the near future.
2. The MACD is in a bullish crossover.
3. Stoch is also intersecting in a bullish signal.

3-day chart: 

3-day chart of BTC/USDT

Based on the 3-day chart, the BTC has been testing the support at $ 10062 USDT. As i said, Bitcoin storms in March can only be spotted in the 3-day candlestick. And now as well as the 1-day candlestick, the signals are showing up.

I wrote "BTC Market Analysis from January to June 2018 (Super Bitcoin storm forecast)". Everyone can see in the 1-month candle, Bitcoin will rise to 16203 - 17114 USDT.

Based on the 1-day candlesticks, it is possible that BTC is preparing a strong rally to the 14827 USD. And depending on the buying power of the market can increase dramatically to 14919 - 15238 USDT.
Based on a three-day candle, it is likely that BTC is likely to rise sharply to 16441 - 16981 USD.

Bitcoin peak time is expected to be February 10-15.

This analysis used TradingView

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