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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold. And the inevitable death of the Swan

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold. What is the real Bitcoin?

Yesterday, has a very important news and it will affect the market's trend. That is, "BTC Is a Fork of Bitcoin Cash" And we can see clearly, the market has gradually showed its ACE. 

First, to better understand about Bitcoin Cash, you need to know "What is Bitcoin Cash?" and "What is Bitcoin Gold?"

Looking back on the history of Bitcoin's development so far, you are probably not startled because Bitcoin has grown so fast. Especially in the past 2017. BitCoin rises from under $ 900 in January -2017 to $ 19,779 on December 17, 2017. Apparently Bitcoin has grown so fast. So fast that you dizzy and can not believe

Bitcoin in 2017
Take a look closely, the fastest growth rate of the BTC is only from the last 3 months of the year: Oct, Nov and Dec.

In addition, a well-known Bitcoin investor, Roger Ver, is a visionary and one of the pioneers of BTC investment. He was a big fan of Bitcoin. However, around November, there began to be rumors of him losing his trust in Bitcoin.

If people notice, as the article "BTC Is a Fork of Bitcoin Cash" mentioned. Starting at the end of July when everything was clear and Bitcoin started Segwit. There is a hard fork occurs and a new cryptocurrency was released, named Bitcoin Cash. Indeed the coin market has started a fierce battle between Bitcoin supporters and Bitcoin Cash supporters. What is the real Bitcoin? It is interesting that the 57-page report on blockchain technology by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It show that "Technically, Bitcoin is a fork and Bitcoin Cash is the original blockchain"

And on Roger's Twitter, there have been many assertions about his vision of a chance "Bitcoin Cash will replace Bitcoin". When there were some Tweets on Twitter about "Bitcoin Cash is a scam", I retweeted and alert everyone that Bitcoin Cash will be the future of Bitcoin, and be careful about who said that Bitcoin Cash was a scam.

This is not my personal assertion. But that was the official tweet from Twitter @Bitcoin with more than 741 thousand followers.

On January 20, 2018, Roger ver had a meeting with @SchoolSucksShow about Bitcoin Cash

Just like the Tweet to explain why he did not deny Bitcoin, Bitcoin simply is already in the wrong direction. There must be more reasonable adjustments to be able to return to being itself. And during that time of course, the King of cryptocurrency should be given to the more worthy.

And most importantly, the Tweet which confirmed his investment, as well as his vision of Bitcoin, is a vision of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

As in the article "BTC Market Analysis from January to June 2018 (Super Bitcoin storm forecast)", CasPo mentioned the possibility that Bitcoin would have to die. And NIST has also been creating a "Bloody Holy War" in the cryptocurrency market. And to force one of these crypto coins to have sacrifices.

When Bitcoin's price was over $19,000, there are lot of analysis show that Bitcoin will reach $25,000 in Jan, 2018. Then, lot of people jump to buy this cryptocurrency like an ephemera. This may be called FOMO syndrome. Certainly what CasPO has seen in the long-term, with the predictions of sacrifice, the more certain the sacrifice is Bitcoin. When everything is conclusive, the biggest Panic Sell ever would be to pull the Bitcoin price down to $ 5,000 as expected.

Like many divorces, the domestic brouhaha then shifted to division of property and custody of offspring — most prominently in this case, the name “Bitcoin”, its “B” logo, and its $194 billion USD market cap. Oh, and the hearts and minds of anyone who wants to own a token.
And surely when Bitcoin dies, what I've seen is likely to be a massive coup. Bitcoin Cash will certainly receive a lot of support from investors. When trust in Bitcoin collapses, then investors will need a place to trust. It's like setting up a "Provisional Government" for the cryptocurrency market. And to prove to this day, a lot of very good news shows that everything was orchestrated to welcome this new king to the throne.

However, one point that CasPo wants to talk about in this article is Bitcoin Gold. Remember Bitcoin Gold is also fork directly from Bitcoin. And according to logic, it is also Bitcoin. Only one thing is denied by his father.

However, when the divorce proceedings are over, this illegitimate child will not accept the loss. Bitman ignored it. But Bitcoin Gold was born by people who might not even be able to support Both of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. No one knows in the future whether Bitman can regret and remember his child? However, Bitcoin Gold is on a par with Bitcoin Cash. And in the interim government, it is possible that at any time Bitcoin Gold will be equal to Bitcoin Cash.

Especially in January there was a Bitcoin Gold hit event when they announced their official roadmap.

Roadmap BTG

Lot of investors have been expecting to this illegitimate child. And as CasPo predicts a 1 BTC = 1 BCH. Then the market will need to combine panic in both BTC and USDT. And now there are both necessary and sufficient conditions.

And besides, to let the potential coins which I posted in the article "Potential Coin Prospects in Q1, 2018" increased sharply. Such as ETC increase to 322 USDT, Bitcoin must be fell very deep. The ETC will rebound to its former peak at an even higher BTC. With USDT depressed, people will prefer to use USDT to buy potential altcoins. All they needed was a buzzer and then everyone followed as FOMO followers.

Fomo Sell

And there is still a very important ACE, Segwit2x. Everything is still in secret and when Bitcoin reaches the bottom, there is a way to officially restore the king's position back and everything is back to normal. As of now, the ACE cherished by the BTC is "Lightning Network" and "Smart Contract" is embedded in Bitcoin. When everything is perfectly matched, it is the time bitcoin restore to life.

"The Cryptocurrency market is really starting now.".

Finally to finish, as the Phoenix Fire must die to then resurrected. Bitcoin must die to be resurrected and stronger. And the purpose is still after all to collect a lot of Bitcoin and in five to 10 years, Bitcoin can completely dominate the financial market.

But now, it's time to get out early and invest in where the money will flow. It's Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

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